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"No photograph is worth sacrificing the welfare of the subject." (B. Moose Peterson)

Reflections of Mount Si across Borst Lake. Snoqualmie Valley, Washington.

Welcome to Alan Bauer Photography, specializing in coverage of the natural history of the great Pacific Northwest.  I strongly believe that no subject of nature, from a great bull elk in the fall rut all the way down to a small patch of macro-lichen, is worthy of any potentially disrupting or damaging action for the purpose of "getting the photograph".  I have many times turned my back from a potentially spectacular photographic opportunity for this very reason: I value letting my memory appreciate something from our natural world just as much as I do in capturing it on film!

The greatest value of my photographic art is using it as a tool of communication to better educate people about the beauty surrounding us.  If my work helps save a species, helps save an area of natural beauty, or just helps bring one person closer to appreciating the natural beauty around us, then I've succeeded in my mission.  One more person becoming a good steward for the natural world is a great thing! Photography is simply a tool to communicate my views and joy in finding beauty and pleasure everywhere in the world around us.

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I appreciate your visit---take a look around and I hope you find things here that bring you a peaceful thought or put a smile on your face.  Enjoy!


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